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Liturgical Dance Ministry

The Liturgical Dance Ministry is a spiritual experience for all involved. The dance movements are inspired by many genres that uncover the intricacies of God’s Word. This ministry provides an opportunity for believers to glorify God through the art of dance. With technical acumen and a heart for Christ, adults and children minister beautifully choreographed spiritual dances for worship services, special and community events. The goal of the Liturgical Dance Ministry is to glorify God and minister through dance.

Believers age 5 and up are encouraged to participate

(NO dance experience required).

God-glorified and anointed instructors equip dancers through extensive training in the areas of rhythm, tempo, timing. Body awareness, and execution, among other competencies.

Participants must attend the regularly scheduled rehearsals. If you are interested in joining please complete the form below and someone from the ministry will contact you.

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