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Ministry of Membership (M.O.M.)

Just as Paul fed spiritual milk and not meat to the church at Corinth, M.O.M., as the ministry is affectionately known, extends the open hand of fellowship to all who desire membership at FBCWW.

As you embark upon this Christian journey, we are here to encourage, support, guide, inspire and embrace you into our loving church family. One of the core values at FBCWW is learning and we strive to learn more about Christ. We offer membership classes that include the following topics; What it Means to Be Born Again, The Power of Prayer, Biblical Studies, and Stewardship.
We are your M.O.M. at FBCWW so you are not alone in this walk as a Christian.


  • When are CYD lessons scheduled?
    Regular CYD virtual lessons and activities are held every Thursday at 6:30PM (EST) via our private Zoom meeting.
  • How can my youth join CYD Youth Ministry?
    Please fill out the CYD Intake form and select a meeting date and time to schedule a pre-requisite meeting with a C.Y.D. ministry member.
  • Who are the C.Y.D. ministry instructors?
    Our youth ministry instructors are group of diverse personnel, called and chosen by God, confirmed by the late Honorary Bishop Victor J. Lewis Sr,. All of which display unique gifting, talent, respect, reverence, and a love for Christ’s children.
  • What responsibility do I have as a parent or guardian, of a C.Y.D. youth ministry member?"
    Parents (& primary guardians) have the most important role in a child for the kingdom of God. The most important and influential location to disciple a child is in their household / living quarters. So it is imperative that a child have the support of their caretaker(s). This may be in the form of everyday caring or in the way of being able to stay within earshot of their child’s C.Y.D. lesson. Additionally, we strongly recommend that parents(or guardians) are within the same room as their child during C.Y.D. lessons. This is even more important for those with children that are not that advanced with all of the Zoom platform functions.
  • Do I or my child have to be member of FBC World Wide to participate in CYD?
    No. FBCWW membership is not required in order to take advantage of the C.Y.D. youth ministry. The only pre-requisite is our intake form and meeting with our instructors.


M.O.M Ministry is four classes designed for people who are new to the faith or just interested in the fundamental truths and practices of the Christian faith. 

Birthday Presents



As a follower of Jesus, exploring and exercising your spiritual gifting is a vital and exciting part of your spiritual journey. This test is designed as a tool to help you discern the spiritual gifts God has given you.

Filling Out a Medical Form


Your feedback is critical for FBCWW to ensure we are meeting your needs. We would appreciate if you could take a few minutes to share your opinions with us so we can serve you better.

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