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Senior Citizen Ministry

The Seniors’ Ministry is an essential part of many ministries within our church geared as well as virtual social interactions. The ministry offers thought-provoking sessions to keep the seniors in a mindset of knowing their value to the church, community, and the world. The ministry is designed to enrich the lives of adults aged 55 and older through social gatherings, Sunday school, and meetings on topics that are of importance and provide valuable knowledge to seniors.

The goal of the Senior Ministry is to encourage members to grow in their relationship with the Lord to have a more peaceful lifestyle while growing in confidence to share their God-given gifts and talents to live a more engaging, exciting, meaningful, and Spirit-filled life.

Deaconess Dorothy Johnson is the leader for this ministry. Her anointing as a deaconess as well as her wisdom, experience and ability to serve the Lord as a senior is an example for all seasoned saints.

This interactive small group meets monthly via Zoom or Conference Call. To register for this group please use the link below to complete and submit registration.


Our senior members (age 55 and older) meet on Sundays to study the Word of God. Our Sunday school books (International Sunday School Lessons) provide in depth study of the KJV Bible. Each week focuses on a different topic with explanatory commentaries that help us to understand the scriptures and how to apply them to our lives.

The goal is to provide our seasoned saints with a forum to gather and gain a deeper understanding of the Word of God through the lessons and discussions. We meet by conference call to make it easier for seniors to access the class

Our teachers are all experienced in teaching and knowledge of the Word of God. They navigate the participants through the lesson providing additional background information. They also offer challenging questions to help participants apply the lessons to their daily lives.

Senior Sunday school meets every Sunday morning at 10 A.M. by conference call. To join us please call (605) 468-8878. Access code1370219#.

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