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Welcome to FBCWW Ministry Page. It's a great opportunity to help visitors and members understand and find out more information about Friendship Baptist Church Worldwide groups and events. 


Christ Youth Disciples

Our focus is to disciple/teach children biblical principles using Christ-centered lessons. This is all possible in a virtual environment, tailored to meet the needs of our youth.

Counselling & Care

The passion and purpose of our Counseling & Care Ministry is to demonstrate the loving care of Jesus Christ by providing counseling services and spiritual support to the people of GOD.


FBCWW Business Ministry

The FBCWW Business Ministry is a platform for Christians who want to give birth to or grow the vision God has given them for their business.

Health & Wellness Ministry

The purpose of the Health & Wellness Ministry in coordination with the vision and core values of FBCWW is to ensure the optimal condition of God's people to fulfill His great commission and His purpose for our lives.


Intercessory Prayer Ministry

he Intercessors of FBCWW are in constant communication with one another, always availing ourselves to prayer whenever there is a need.

Ironman Men's Ministry

The Ironman (IR) is the flagship of FBCWW Men’s Ministry commitment to INTENTIONALLY equip and develop husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers through engagement, teaching and learning.

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Liturgical Dance.jpg

Liturgical Dance Ministry

The Liturgical Dance Ministry is a spiritual experience for all involved. The dance movements are inspired by many genres that uncover the intricacies of God’s Word.

Marriage Ministry

The Marriage Ministry provides tools and resources that helps couples to cultivate and maintain a healthy marriage based on God’s original plan and design


New Member's Ministry

We offer membership classes that include the following topics; What it Means to Be Born Again, The Power of Prayer, Biblical Studies, and Stewardship.

Senior Citizens Ministry

The ministry offers thought-provoking sessions to keep the seniors in a mindset of knowing their value to the church, community, and the world. The ministry is designed to enrich the lives of adults through social gatherings.


Singles Ministry

The FBCWW Singles Ministry provides an opportunity for single men and women 18 years and older to connect with Christ and learn more about themselves as they wait on their spouse.

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